These days, people tend to believe that nice places just pop up overnight and act as money-making machines that exploit your need to feel good.

It can be true in a lot of cases.

But then there are projects that spring from big dreams, fuelling dedication beyond any known limits.

This is how Sandalandala was born, from an idealistic vision to evolve the Vama spirit in four thousand square meters of greenfield.

With still a growing presence, Sandalandala has already unravelled so many stories, we don’t have enough bedtime to tell them.

How to build
your Sandalandala

In short:

before ... ... after

Detailed recipe:

Take a patch of land in the most bohemian and controversial holiday resort on the Romanian Black Sea shore, and insist on building a seaside haven that would bring together chaos and tidiness.

Bring in the bulldozers,
dig in and level out.

First raise the gate. Come what may, at least you know you have a quick way to heaven.

Then, since not even heaven is infinite, fence in the campsite, to keep the sea at bay (yup, that’s how close we are to the beach!).

While things begin to fall into place and logs happen to fall onto heads, plant a whole lot of trees and other plants for the coming days of scorching heat, when anyone would sell their trunks for a little bit of shade.

After months of patience, the first blade of grass breaks ground. From now on, it’s really a pleasure to get rid of your shoes and worries at Sandalandala.

Right about now you realize you could use some beer and anchovies, so begin to build the bar.

Add more bricks, then some Stroh (really strong shot you need to try while in Vama), throw in a winter quest for birch logs in an oxen cart and you have your terrace-bar ready.From now on, you don’t even need to get out of the campsite when hungover.

You can just roll out of your tent, crawl onto a
lounge seat, and ask for some refreshment.

You want the bathrooms to be really eccentric, and not only for their cleanliness (an uncommon occurrence in Vama Veche).

Morning meetings after tough nights at the bathroom are awkward anyway, so why not spread around shameless, funny or straight-out peptic messages, so as to relieve some tension whenever needed?

Meanwhile, summer is around the corner, so wrap it up and get ready for the launch.

Our launch managed to garner quite a crowd, since we decided to come out at full blast with an unusual deal: anyone who dared to tattoo the campsite’s logo on May 1st would receive lifetime free camping at Sandalandala.

We’re still wondering how our centennial guests will manage to set up their tents, but we’ll surely get there until they grow old.

All in all, 15 guests went home with Sandalandala in their hearts and on their skin, and the rest of them went home planning to come back.


All in all, 15 guests went home with Sandalandala in their hearts and on their skin, and the rest of them went home planning to come back.

This is how you start a season of Sandalandala, scandalandala, fundalandala, stonedalandala, idleandala...

You do all sorts of things:
host concerts and film festivals, play with fire, run out of hot water, panic, go into raptures, get filled to the brim, get drunk, cook, but also bum around as much as possible.

At Sandalandala, everyone leaves behind a part of their soul. Some also leave suggestions. We’re glad to get them, because we’re here to learn and make ours the best campsite on this side of the world.

So here we go again ...

Not enough shadow?

Plant more trees.

Terrace-bar too small?

Double its size.

Wanted a pool?

You’re in for a soaking.

Wanted oven-baked pizza?

Built a wood-fired oven.

Still, this is just the beginning of the story. We want to grow old here, in Vama.