Terms and conditions

The reservation of a tent on the www.sandalandala.ro website implies the acceptance of the conditions of use detailed below. For the good use of the website we recommend that you carefully review the terms and conditions.

www.sandalandala.ro is administered by Zorile Toys SRL, headquartered in Mangalia, registered with the Trade Registry under No. J13/718/2006, sole registration code RO18468773.

We reserve our right to further amend these terms and conditions or the content of the website without prior notice. By accessing the Terms and conditions page you will be able to read the latest version of these provisions.

Your registration obligations

In order to make a reservation on the www.sandalandala.ro website you will be required to insert your personal data.

By using the service, you declare that you will furnish real, correct, updated and complete information.

Should we deem that such obligation was breached, we reserve the right to deny your access in using the service, for a limited or unlimited period of time, without any prior notice.

Price and payment

The prices that are indicated include VAT (9%).

The value of the advance payment appearing on the invoice will be identical to that indicated on the website at the moment the reservation is made.

The payment of the advance is done by credit/debit card upon the making of the online reservation or by bank transfer.

The client will pay the difference in cash/credit upon checking in, with the reception desk.

Information on the reservation

The reservation is only finalized upon confirmation of the advance payment.
Should a client fail to check in on the first day for which the tent was reserved, his place and tent will be maintained until the value of the advance payment is exhausted.

Intellectual property and Copyright

The entire content of www.sandalandala.ro website, including texts, images, graphic designs, web design elements, scripts and any other data is the property of Zorile Toys SRL or its suppliers and is protected under copyright laws and the legislation on intellectual and industrial property rights. The use of any elements on the www.sandalandala.ro website or of the other elements listed above, without written approval, is punishable according to the legislation in force. For claims related to intellectual property rights you may use the contact@sandalandala.ro email address.

Confidentiality policy

Personal data may be disclosed without your prior consent in case of litigation related to payment frauds to the following recipients:

  • Banks involved in online payments,
  • International Institutions for Cards,
  • Services and products suppliers,
  • Competent authorities, in accordance with the law.

Under the provisions of Law No. 677/2001, our clients have the following rights:

  • 1. The right to information (Article 12);
  • 2. The right to access the data (Article 13) – the right to obtain once a year, upon request and free of charge, the confirmation that the concerning data is or not processed by the data operator;
  • 3. The right to intervene (Article 14) – the right to request the data operator in writing and free of charge the following:
    • a. The rectification, updating, blocking or removal of the incomplete, inaccurate data or illegal processing;
    • b. The transformation of the illegal personal data into anonymous data;
    • c. The notification of third parties in respect of the operations provided at let. a. and b.;
  • 4. The right to opposition (Article 15) – the right to oppose, by written request and free of charge, for grounded and legitimate reasons related to personal status, to the processing of the corresponding data;
  • 5. The right to refer to courts of law (Article 18) – the right to request the courts of law the protection of the rights guaranteed by law that were breached;
  • 6. The right to file a complaint before the surveillance authority (Article 25).

Limitations on the use of certain distance communication techniques

The following distance communication techniques require the prior consent of the consumer:

  • a. automatic call system with no human intervention (automatic call);
  • b. facsimile (fax);
  • c. electronic mail (e-mail).

Utilizarea altor tehnici de comunicație individuală la distanță în afara celor prevăzute anterior nu este permisă dacă există un refuz manifestat de consumator.

The list comprising the distance communication techniques:

  • a. printed with no recipient;
  • b. printed with recipient;
  • c. standard letter;
  • d. advertisement printed upon order form;
  • e. catalogue;
  • f. phone with human operator;
  • g. phone with no human operator (automatic call, audio-text);
  • h. radio;
  • i. video phone (phone with image);
  • j. video text (microordinator, TV display with keyboard or touch screen);
  • k. electronic mail (e-mail);
  • l. facsimile (fax);
  • m. television (teleshopping).
  • By using the reservation service of this website, the user confirms he has acknowledged that Romanian laws will govern the above terms and conditions, as well as any disputes that may arise between the user and Zorile Toys SRL. In case of any potential conflicts between Zorile Toys SRL and its clients, amicable settlement thereof will be first sought for a minimum of 30 business days.
  • If amicable settlement is not possible, the dispute will be settled by the competent court in accordance with the Romanian laws in force.


If any of the provisions above will be deemed as null or not valid, regardless the reason, this will not affect the validity of the other provisions. Once the reservation order is made, the client accepts at no objections the conditions and terms of use, their value being equal to that of a contract validly executed.

By accepting the present terms and conditions, the client undertakes all rights and obligations arising from the use of the reservation service on the www.sandalandala.ro website.