May 1st Weekend – #VamaDiary

I don’t know how others are, but when I think about summer holidays spent on seaside, the first thing I remember is waking up early in the morning, at 7 a.m. sharp, "to get the morning ultra-violets" – as my parents were fooling me every time. I completely detested it. Nobody likes to wake up at such hours during holidays. Many years later, the waking up time from childhood seems to be no longer an issue for me, nor for any others on the beach. Because at that time few people are sleeping in Vama – it would be a shame when such a sunrise is on the point to begin in less than a few minutes.

I would be sorry to miss it. I find it even more special, considering that what you see above happened on the Easter morning. For those who have had a problem finding direction to church to take the Light – well, the light came to them in another way. After a full night and a brilliant sunrise, sleeping now is better than beers after cakes. It took me several hours to fall out of bed and get back on track. For an additional inner warmth I relayed, like every year, on the grades from the bottle, because otherwise it is difficult to cope. Well, I do not necessarily believe that alcohol helps you get over the cold, but at least it helps falling asleep faster. And that moment you wake up and you realize that you don’t have headaches, back pain or any other form of pain, have your wallet, phone and room keys on you, must be celebrated with a beer. You could even give yourself a medal, but I think beer is more practical.

Sunday began with ram Pepe’s visit. We tried to convince him to show us some Latino moves, but more than a “be-he-he” we did not receive from him. Maybe it had a good time last night as well, who knows. Anyway, I saw you enjoyed seeing it, so we accommodated Pepe close to Vama Veche, so it can be easily visited. But we will return later on with details about this subject.

Now raise a hand who had a Pegas bike in childhood. I had three: two with long saddle and a normal one which was folding in half. I do not know exactly what kind of model was, but who had one knows what I mean. I remember riding these bikes, by rotation, all day long. It was my favorite toy from childhood. Having my childhood linked to this bike, imagine how I felt when I gave the first pedal on a long saddle Pegas. I felt like 10 when I got the first one. And surely there were others who had their moments of nostalgia as well. And because the lawn from the down side of the camping was empty, we had enough space to pedal till exhaust, which was not bad at all. Pegas with their bicycles animated the camping exactly as it should have.

And what goes better after a few rounds of lawn if not a cake. Or more. And a movie. But not just any film, but the most non-Romanian Romanian film. We noticed that you liked the movie “Garlic” so we try to take your desire into consideration and rule it once again in summer. But we do not promise anything yet on this subject, as it doesn’t depend only on us. Perhaps if we have more requests, we will write a nice letter, send it to the production team and see what comes out.

You know evening ends well when you visit all clubs from Vama, you meet people that you have not seen for a while, become friend with the most beautiful girl on the beach, watch the sunrise together, drink one more beer, and you’ll see further on ...

Although there were a hundred meters to the camping, her offer - "Let's put a blanket here, next to the car, and go to sleep!" - was too tempting to refuse it. Anyway, in the aggregate state I was finding myself, a piece of hot asphalt and a brick under my head would have been very luxurious.

I hope you had a vacation at least as cool as mine and you've made everything it went through your mind. Looking forward to seeing you in the summer and have a beer on the terrace.